We are in a period of rapid technological change where new technologies quickly evolve and converge, creating hybrid systems from the cross-fertilization of previously discrete research areas. One such area which involves research from engineering, computer science and cognitive science is Intelligent Multimedia. It finds applications in natural language dialogue systems, medical knowledge-based systems, and autonomous robots to name a few. There is a huge need for research on, for example, new ways of knowledge representation for multimedia data, nature-inspired algorithms to process data, new learning models, efficient inference methods for multimedia networks. The InterMedia research group and Department of Computer Science & Engineering, LNMIIT are organizing a five day International Workshop on Multimedia Applications (IWMA), 2021 from March 02-06, 2021. This workshop will provide participants some future insights in the new and emerging areas of Intelligent Multimedia.

Workshop tracks will address real world challenges of a secure and Smart City. The tracks will also cover applications beneficial to smart city administrators, national security agencies, financial institutions, industry professionals as well as faculty and students working in this field. The workshop will also have related hands-on sessions. The workshop also has a Doctoral Symposium which will enable students and researchers to get useful guidance on various aspects of research from established researchers. Students at various stages of their research can discuss their problem statements, methods, and results.


    The Objective of workshop is :

  • To provide research and application-oriented learning for secure and smart society using intelligent systems.
  • To focus on tool usage and exposure to multimedia systems.
  • To benefit from research experience of renowned professionals working in this area.
  • To enhance visibility of the Institute to attract more research scholars to work on projects on Intelligent multimedia applications.
  • To nurture long-term relationships on possible future projects through interaction with industry and government agencies.